Make a Pledge to Myself: Catching up

At the end of October, I made a pledge to myself to do an inventory of my running gear and get a few things cleaned up. 

It wasn't easy, but I got everything much more organized before Election Day. This included throwing out a few shirts, a couple of pairs of shoes and prioritizing what shoes I'll run in the most and which ones will only be used occasionally. 

Another one of the pledges that deserves a follow up right now is making a training "plan" for the Blue Ridge Marathon. 

While I have some time on my side -- I don't hit 20 weeks to go until December -- I have set up a spreadsheet laying out long runs until race day and what the first few weeks of training should look like. 

I've taken a different approach to labeling my runs as "run 1," "run 2," etc., instead of focusing on specific days of the week. There was something about those specific days that was starting to bug me when I started plotting things out. 

As for my other pledges -- tracking my miles, eating an apple a day and no potato chips -- everything is going perfectly!

Disclaimer: I am receiving a free race entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon as an "official blogger" for the race. for more information about the race in Roanoke, Virginia, and use code BRMFRIENDS to get 15% off. 

Crossing off 2 more goals

I'm not sure where October went, but I did manage to cross off a couple of more goals since my last update, including running 3 and 4 miles non stop. 

Getting to 4 miles was a little unexpected, but I was feeling good on my run on Sunday and decided to push it to 4. I'm eager to start working a little harder on some of these goals this month and end this year strong. 

Here's an update on where things stand, along with a few thoughts on some other goals: 

  1. DONE - OCT. 23: Run 3 miles non stop
  2. Run 3 miles at a pace under 10 minutes a mile
    - This really shouldn't be an issue and should be able to easily be marked as "done" this month.
  3. DONE - OCT. 30: Run 4 miles nonstop
  4. Run for an hour nonstop
    - I think I'm about 4-5 weeks from this one being knocked off. 
  5. Run a 5k race under an 8-minute mile pace
  6. Run a 10k at under an 8-minute mile pace
  7. Run a half marathon
  8. Run hill repeats
  9. DONE - OCT 8: Run in the rain again
  10. Run on a trail that's new to me (or one I haven't run in a year+)
    - This, technically, is "done," but I'm not ready to cross it off the list since that run was disasterous
  11. Sign up/run in a race that's new to me
  12. Do a track workout
  13. Do a progressive run
  14. Ride my bike 100 miles in a month
    - I'm rethinking this goal; it make since in September when I was heavily focused on riding my bike, but as I head toward winter, it doesn't make as much sense. 
  15. Go a month without potato chips
    - My chip-free streak started Oct. 24. 
  16. Eat a salad every day at work for 2 straight weeks
  17. Lose 5 pounds
    - I did my first official weigh in today
  18. Lose 10 pounds
  19. Lose 15 pounds
  20. Lift weights twice a week for 4 straight weeks
  21. Hold a plank for 2 minutes straight
  22. Hold a plank for 3 minutes
  23. Do 25 consecutive push-ups
  24. Do 50 consecutive push-ups
  25. Blog about my progress at least once a week for 4 straight weeks
  26. Run a marathon