End of the decade: Refocusing on blogging

I really want to write a post about how I'm ready to make major changes in my blogging, put more things out there, set some new goals and be a better runner,

Those things take time, though. I know from my experiences that a change isn't going to just snap into place. So many other things in life have to come before blog posts, but I'm at least going to TRY to make some changes here.

At the very least, I can commit to posting once a week here through the end of 2019. That's something I believe can happen consistently.

So what else can I do before 2020 gets here? The countdown is on to the end of this decade ...

... and while I'm going to be well shy of a 1,000-mile goal that I quietly set and mentioned only once, I'm still on pace to beat last year's mileage by 300.

My focus now is getting to 850 miles for the year. There's no need to dive into specifics now ... that can be a future post.

Another post I need to take on - running the Blue Ridge Marathon again!

I put this on Twitter ...

... and have barely come back to it anywhere. Sign up using my code and let's run this together. I've got some big goals in mind to discuss before the end of the year.

I also want to get back on the track a couple of times before the end of the year. I had a wonderful thing happening this spring, lost sight of all progress this summer and feel like I wasted away a good opportunity.

That's a theme that I've had this year that I need to erase and enter the 2020s with a revamped mind-frame that was starting to happen.

Lastly, I need to write about "starting over." I've had some major changes with my running since the beginning of last year, which was a true "starting over" point for me.

There are endless things to discuss with my mileage, my always changing mental state and how right now feels like "starting over, phase two."

And with that, I can at least get through November with some content ... and then hopefully things will continue to spark mentally for me.

October things

Sure it’s already November, so the title of this post, which is now a “thing” I’m doing I guess, means that October was probably terrible.

Well … it wasn’t great, but it was MUCH BETTER than September, which ended with a somewhat recurrence of an injury that never seems to go away.

But October was mostly painless, I …

  • switched over to the 8K in a couple of weeks instead of the Richmond Marathon

  • realized I’ve already more than 250 miles year-to-date than I did a race ago

  • complained about the heat

  • thought a lot about the 2020 Blue Ridge Marathon and what I need to do to get ready

  • ate a lot of candy. Too much candy.

So now it’s on to November, which is already more than two days old.

It’s time to …

  • run 100 miles again (Join the challenge from my friend Angie!)

  • enjoy the 8K with an all-out effort to see how terrible I am trying to run fast

  • enjoy cooler weather

  • not eat so much candy.

September things

September started off so well, despite continued above-average temperatures and THEN OMG THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY FOOT AGAIN.

And, yup, that about sums it up.

My right foot, which was injured two years ago and then had something weird, briefly, wrong with it last year, bothered me again this month.

And, just like those two previous times, the pain didn’t come while on a run. This time, it kind of started when I was walking down some steps.

So I pretty much shut things down the second half of the month. I did get back on the bike a few times and reminded myself how important those “other things” are, but I’m not happy about this at all.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind, I’m not going to force myself back to things too quickly and not try to rush the Richmond Marathon or even the half. At this point, I will probably drop down to the 8k for that weekend.

Things are feeling fine with my foot now, although there’s some occasional discomfort from time to time. I feel good enough though to start from scratch in October and let my body dictate what I do.

My main goal right now is to get to November and the end of the year not having any issues and revamp things - mentally and physically - for Blue Ridge Marathon training this winter.

And that’s all I have for now …

August things.


A foggy run.

A few “cool” runs.


And one crazy storm.

I’m ready to leave August behind - it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t great, but when I keep it in perspective, it was definitely one of the best summer months I’ve had since 2015.

So no complaints from me heading in September …