0.1 more than last week

With visions of yesterday's hill still fresh in my head, I woke up ready for a long run today. I thought maybe I'd be sore from the race and I might cut back a little bit, but I was feeling good, so I went out and hit 7.1 miles today. I added the extra tenth so I could pass last week's total to continue my streak of increasing my mileage every week this year. With a week of 20.5 miles, I'm 6.4 miles shy of hitting 100 miles for the year.

I'm feeling really good with being consistent with slowly creeping my miles up. Next week's goal again will be to run more than I did this week, with hopes of getting closer to 25 miles. I'd like to get to 25 or so in the next few of weeks to allow myself to get some rest the week of my race. Like I've been saying all along, I want to peak on race week.