These binary dates are just cool to me, and since I have nothing specific to write about, it just looks good as a title. Anyway ... * 31 in 31 has been an interesting challenge. Doing something different every day hasn't been all that hard. In fact, it's helped me be more conscious of what I am doing. It's helped me focus better on each individual day. My biggest non-running activity so far was on Friday when I was able to make it to my old gym and got in 30 minutes (4.3 miles) on an elliptical machine. Otherwise, my "other" activities haven't been too strenuous -- they've just been a nice bonus.

To keep track of my day-to-day activities, you can click here or on the "31 in 31" tab at the top of the blog.

* Running is going very well so far. Last week I ran nearly 15 miles with a long run of 6 miles. That, coupled with the elliptical workout, was a perfect week one for training for the Shamrock Half. Six miles now sits me up very well for the best training I've ever done for this race.

* I've restarted the 100 push-ups program, again. This time instead of restarting on week 3, I just started from scratch, but at a higher level. My max push-ups last week were 22, 25 and 28. I did a total of 193 push-ups in three days. I think before I was getting too caught up in the week-to-week aspect of this and letting one day throw things off. This time around I'm not going to worry about that so much. While it's important to keep to a schedule, it's also important to allow for adequate rest between days and after exhaustion tests. If this goes well, I'll complete this program before Shamrock!

* My quest for finding good blogs to read never ends, and in the past week or so I found a new one to read. Actually, I think he found me first. Either way, check out Steve over at 265 and falling and follow his weight-loss journey. Steve recently just completed his first 5k and plans to run a marathon later this year.