OK ... so from now on posts with no main subject with get a date at a headline. Why? ... Because I can. ;) * Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be gorgeous. By "gorgeous" I mean not below 40 degrees. Shorts weather, when running anyway. Considering the way this winter has been so far, it'll feel quite warm. I would love to get out and run for 6 or 7 miles, but I've already gotten my long run in for the week. I'm fighting myself to take my own advice -- don't start off doing too much, build mileage slowly, etc. Then the devil on my other shoulder says it would be fine, I built up a base a long time ago. Then there's the part of me that forgets that I haven't ridden a bike in a while either, so we'll see.

* I'm on Daily Mile now. Click here to find me if you're there. Everyone tells me it's like Facebook for runners. So far it looks cool. I'm only using it to log my running miles right now.

* Tonight for "31 in 31" I did some lunges. Just when I think my legs don't need extra work, I do something like that. Wow. Just wow. I also did some more intense sit-ups than usual. It's weird how well I feel with running and then how bad I can feel doing something else.

* The scale is already frustrating me. Last week I was down 3 pounds, only to be up a pound this week. So I guess a net 2 pounds lost so far this year isn't too bad. I'm not ready yet to talk more about that.

* My friend Jeff over at Running for My Sanity would like some advice with races this year. Please head over there and help him out. I've given my 2 cents worth, but some I think it would be good for him to hear from a few other people.