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10 things I love about running

Fellow #runchat co-moderator Scott has been in a funk lately. To give himself some motivation, he created a great list today of 10 things he loves about running. While I haven't been in any running funk (although I have had a bad cold all week that's now cutting into my running), I've had a bad case of writer's block lately -- my mind is full of thoughts that just don't make sense when I try to put the words down. As a longtime writer and editor, both personally and professionally, there's nothing worse than stuck thoughts.

So to take his idea, I'll give you 10 things I love about running. I should do this more often; I encourage everyone to make a similar list sometime soon.

In no particular order, I love ...

1. ... watching the sunrise while the rest of the world is asleep. 2. ... having my "me" time to sort out thoughts or come up with random ideas. 3. ... tackling hills in my small hometown of Bedford, Va. 4. ... saying "hi" to strangers even if they don't speak back or even look at me. 5. ... experiencing euphoria at the end of a race. 6. ... getting lost on a trail. 7. ... getting to know strangers on a group run. 8. ... very random music on those rare music days. 9. ... drinking a cold Magic Hat No. 9 to reward myself for a long run. 10. ... new shoes.

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