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1,000 miles & counting

Running 1,000 miles this year was never on my radar, especially after running less than 50 miles in January and even less in February. Today, as I neared a quarter mile to go to 1,000, I was forced to stop ...

running, Bedford, Va., 1000 miles

I've run across these tracks probably a dozen times this year and not once did I encounter a train. It struck me as being pretty funny that I had to wait a couple of minutes to run a little farther before hitting 2.2 miles into my run, marking my 1,000th mile. And, that too, was kind of funny as I hit the mark in front of the church I went to much of my life (Main Street United Methodist Church in Bedford).

running, Bedford, Va., 1000 miles

Unlike last year, I hit this mark today healthy and more confident than ever about what's ahead. In the final couple of weeks of 2011, I'll do some reflecting on what's happened in these 1,000+ miles -- this has been a special year in so many ways and I'm looking forward to taking some time and reading posts I haven't visited in a while.

While I reflect, though, I'll keep running. It's day 24 of the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak -- I have quite a bit more running to do and some early 2012 goals to start getting serious about.

In these last two weeks I'll continue to hit milestones I've never seen with the most miles ever in a year and my most consecutive running days.

Until then, I'm going to celebrate a bit tonight.