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11 days 'til I'm Sham Rocking

I haven't really gotten too caught up in a countdown for the Shamrock Half this year, but it's coming up quickly. I'm approaching this race completely different than most races. The lack of a countdown is one of those different things. Sure it's been on my mind, but I'm not worrying myself about it. After signing up for it last minute, I've stuck to a routine and I've stuck to the goal of having fun for this event. So, in 11 days, I just want to finish and set myself up for a good rest of the year. I know a PR will be hard, so ideally I'd like to be somewhere close to 1:50, give or take a few minutes. I've had some great runs recently and I feel great, but I'm not focusing on my time. I'm also looking forward to some "free" Yuengling after the race -- it's perhaps the best part of the weekend. And unlike last year, I'm staying that night at the beach (it's at Virginia Beach), so that takes some pressure off me too. It's a mini-vacation that I'm really looking forward to.