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11 things

In the course of a bunch of 11s being thrown around today, I thought of a post -- how about 11 things you may not know about me? Then I took the idea another step -- how about an "11 things" post every month this year on the 11th of the month in this year of 2011 (my initial thoughts are this will make a year go by even quicker). It's just 11 things on my mind -- maybe it'll have a theme like this one, maybe not. Maybe I'll forget a month from now and this whole thing will be ruined. (I want to give a quick shout-out to Steena who posted something similar today.)

Anyway, I'm in the mood for a non-running post, so here it goes.

1. I'm a huge Dave Matthews Band fan. 19 full band shows and two Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds shows since winter 1997. Those numbers are actually somewhat small compared to some people out there.

2. Speaking of concerts, my first-ever concert was Bryan Adams when I was in 7th grade during the "Everything I Do" hype.

3. My grandma used to live on a farm and some guy used to keep cows there. My sister and I got to name two of them once. Pete and Itchy. Why Itchy? Because he was scratching himself.

4. I spent 3 weeks taking a theater class in London in the summer of 1999 when I was in college. That trip included a weekend in Scotland and a 10-day tour to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

5. I have to sneak a running thing in here ... I've mentioned before that I ran track in high school, but I'm pretty sure I never mentioned the time that I fell for no reason at all in a parking lot. The coach made me sit out of the rest of practice. You see, I was falling then too.

6. I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now. I still despise the "marathon episode" at the end, but I still really enjoy watching the show.

7. First job: Winn-Dixie grocery bagger. Length of first job: 6 hours.

8. My first car was a light blue 1990 Ford Escort. I still have weird dreams about said car.

9. I know at least five people who I have worked with at two different jobs. It's possible one of those people will be a co-worker for a third time. That just seems weird to me, but life is often about who you know.

10. To continue to show you my music variety, I've seen Vince Gill in concert three times.

11. I secretly would rather play tennis and be decent at it than ever run a marathon againĀ for a really long time. (Not such a secret now I guess.)