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11 things: A reflection

For the final 11 things post of the year, I thought I'd take a look back at each of the previous 11 things posts and pick my favorite item from each. I think it's a good way to close out these posts because a 12th 11 things post of new items wouldn't fit that whole "11" them from 2011. 1. January, 11 things you may not know about me: My grandma used to live on a farm and some guy used to keep cows there. My sister and I got to name two of them once. Pete and Itchy. Why Itchy? Because he was scratching himself.

2. February, 11 places I've been: Hershey, Pennsylvania. My wife and I made a stop on our honeymoon in 2004 in Hershey and we’ve been back twice for Dave Matthews Band concerts. (For the record, I’ve spent the night in several places for DMB concerts in addition to what’s already been mentioned: Cherry Hill, N.J., for a concert in Philadelphia; Roanoke, Va.; Blacksburg, Va.; Virginia Beach; and Greensboro, N.C.) Anyway, Hershey is a must-see sometime in your life if you like chocolate.

3. March, 11 random thoughts: If you work for me and I give you a deadline, don’t miss the deadline.

4. April, 11 things my grandpa taught me: The most important lesson my grandfather taught me — how to be happy. In all of his pictures throughout his life, he always had a genuine smile on his face. Life is a lot easier when you can put a smile on.

5. May, 11 songs on shuffle: Black Rock, O.A.R.

6. June, 11 things, Birthday edition: Camping gear. I haven’t been in the woods in a long time and sometime in the next year I’d like to take my son camping. New sleeping bags would be nice.

7. July, 11 things, Anniversary edition: We wanted to have a fairly non-traditional song for our first dance. We chose Elton John's "Your Song."

8. August, 11 things I've learned from my son: Ice cream is better when you make a mess.

9. September, 11 things, long run edition: I saw a deer poop for the first time ever. (It was still dark then. And she had the audacity to do this in front of her two kids, me and Duke.)

10. October, 11 things, Baltimore Marathon edition: I listened to this song a lot on my long runs in the last month or so. To hear it when the sun is coming up often gave me a sense of peace and helped me find strength when I needed it most.

11. November, 11 random thoughts: I haven't had a Magic Hat in a while. Somebody go buy me a winter variety pack please.