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11 things: Hit shuffle

I had this other random "11 things" post written yesterday and even asked for ideas on Twitter, so guess what? I'm scratching the post I had and banking the awesome ideas I got yesterday (many thanks to those who responded). Last night I had a major malfunction with my Blackberry memory card, so I took some time to revamp the music I have on it. While I don't listen to music much when I run, I like to have it a few times a month and a major overhaul was in need anyway. So, here it is, 11 songs that pop up when I shuffle the songs. Judge all you want.

1. Pete, The Best Coondog in the State of Mississippi, Chasin' Steel 2. Black Rock, O.A.R. 3. With My Own Two Hands, Jack Johnson featuring Ben Harper 4. Out of My Mind, James Blunt 5. Everybody Wants You, Josh Kelley 6. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John 7. Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachlan 8. One Sweet World, Dave Matthews Band 9. Renaissance, Mat Kearney 10. Grey Street, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds 11. Elijah Rock, Harry Connick Jr.

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