11 things I've learned from my son

My son, who will be 3 in November, has taught me a lot of things, especially in the past year as he talks more and soaks up every little thing around him. For this month's 11 things I want to focus on Conner and what he's done to make me appreciate things in life a bit more.

1. When you go outside, look up. There are blue skies, leave, planes, birds …

2. Mountains look broken. Kind of a weird thing he said a few times, but think about. They’re not straight. They’re broken. And that makes me want to explore more.

3. Butterflies are pretty cool.

4. Trains have personalities. While my son loves Thomas and Friends, he loves real trains even more. And they all have something to say.

5. Saturday cartoons are a fun way to kick off the weekend …

6. ... And a Sunday afternoon nap is a perfect way to end it.

7. Going on a picnic is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Escaping to the woods for a meal is awesome.

8. Cars are cool again.

9. Ice cream is better when you make a mess.

10. Eating just fruits and vegetables can make a great meal.

11. Running just to run is fun.

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