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11 things: Very random

SuperMoon, moon I actually have a list of ideas for these 11 things posts, but none of those themes seem to fit right now. So I've decided to be completely random this month. COMPLETELY.

1. It drives me nuts to see the many spellings of the Libya leader's name. So much so that I'm not even typing it. This article gives a good explanation of why there are so many variations.

2. If Donald Trump is going to run for president in 2012, why wait to announce it until June?

3. I have a blog entry in my head about "The Biggest Loser." I'm just trying to find the right way to say what I want to say without being too negative since I do like the show.

4. Did you know there is a Smurfs movie coming out this summer?

5. My birthday is June 24. In Atlantic City that weekend there is something very special going on related to the Dave Matthews Band. Who's buying me tickets? Click here for information (and to buy me tickets).

6. If you work for me and I give you a deadline, don't miss the deadline.

7. As a NASCAR fan, I like being able to explain the new points systems to people. I'm finding it hard, though, to encourage people to still watch races that are 500 miles or 500 laps. The races are too long and the final 20 laps are so are the best to watch. Otherwise, I'm getting some good Sunday naps in.

8. I haven't had Frosted Flakes in a while.

9. If you're an NFL fan, you really should be paying attention to what's going on right now with the labor issues. I'm a big NFL fan, but when millionaires (and billionaires) can't see eye to eye on things, I question how much I care about whether a season happens or not.

10. I've never heard the term "SuperMoon" until this week. Apparently the moon will be the closest to earth in many years, thus causing some people to freak out. It will also make for a very big full moon next week. Read the story here.

11. Speaking of freaking out, I read another interesting story this week about the End Times coming this year. Apparently judgment day is coming May 21. Not my words -- these people's words.

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