12 months of PRs

This past weekend's Shamrock Half Marathon brought to an end the best 12 months of racing so far. After coming back from injury, I have pushed myself to tough, but attainable, goals. I can't wait to get to what's ahead, but I think this span of time deserves some reflection. I have set PRs in all the traditional racing distances since last April. Here's a look at them and how much I improved from the previous PR.


The flatness of the Monuement Avenue 10k in Richmond has been very friendly to me. Last year in April I went out and unexpectedly ran 48:08, a 3-second improvement from two years before.

I was tempted to sign up this year and go for another PR, but the proximity to Shamrock and my other current running plans put this event off.

I've never put much emphasis on 10ks, but I think right now I could do some damage to this PR on the right course.


When I went to Ohio for the July 4th weekend, I had one goal for this race: PR. A flat 5k? I had to knock it out.

And I did, beating my previous 5k time by 31 seconds, running 22:10. Then, surprisingly, less than 2 months later I knocked another 18 seconds off, hitting 21:52 in a mostly flat Fab 5k.

I would love to get even faster at this distance, but I'm not sure when the next opportunity will come.


I don't really look at my 3:56 in Baltimore as a PR -- I look at it as all the pieces finally coming together to run the marathon I wanted to run. It took a lot of lessons learned from two previous attempts for this to work.

All that said, it was a more than 14-minute PR in that distance, beating my time from Richmond in 2007.

Half marathon

And, of course, all this ends with Sunday's race in Virginia Beach. My time of 1:40:48 is a PR by 2:04. Of all these PRs, this is the most important to me -- this is the distance I love and will be the distance I continue to tackle for a while.