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12 things: An ending

This post marks the end of 2 years of "things" posts -- 11 things on the 11th of each month in 2011 and 12 things on (or about) the 12th of each month this year. Instead of a "13 things" series next year, I'm going to set 13 goals and at the end of each month I will post a recap and report on my progress. Much more on that later.

For this final of "things" posts, I thought I'd end it like I started it in January 2011 with a "things you may not know about me approach." After 23 other lists, though, I'm probably repeating myself.

1. My middle name is a family name that comes from someone who's first name was Augustus. When I was younger, I always wanted to name my son Augustus, but it just didn't seem right for a variety of reasons 4 years ago.

2. My two-year Dave Matthews Band drought ends this weekend with another show in Charlottesville, my 5th DMB concert there.

3. I love Richmond's Tacky Light Tour.

Richmond Tacky Light Tour 2012

4. As much as I've talked about Magic Hat, I also enjoy Maker's Mark. I buy one bottle a year. Time's running out for my annual bottle.

5. I'm really tired of hearing about the Mayans.

6. No, I don't think you look good in that iPhone picture of yourself from the mirror.

7. The last full-length movie I saw in the theater was "Toy Story 3." ...

8. ... but my son and I did see "Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery in the theater for a boys morning out.

9. I really, really, really want to play tennis a few times next spring or summer.

10. I listen to Counting Crows "August and Everything After" CD at least once a year.

11. My second car was a 1999 Chevy Malibu. There was always something wrong with it.

12. This little guy means much more to me than anything else with running ever will.

Christmas 2012