12 things: anything and everything

1. I almost forgot about doing this post again. See last month's 12 things on that story. 2. I was on 4 flights on Tuesday to travel halfway across the country for meetings that lasted about 3 hours. Crazy, crazy day. Oddly fun though.

Dinosaurs in Richmond

4. My friend and former co-worker Carol secretly reads my blogs and laughs out loud. She's laughing now because of the dinosaur photo and laughing even harder that I'm writing about her right now. Hi Carol!

5. This is my note to myself to write a blog post about how my dog became a runner. He's very deserving of having this space.

6. As a wannabe meteorologist, I had never heard the term "derecho" until those storms a few weeks ago. That could score me solid points in Words with Friends.

Butterflies Live at Lewis Ginter

8. My wife and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this week. Which meant me being gone all day on a bunch of planes.

9. It's pluot season. Try one.

10. I've recently rediscovered how good orange juice is.

11. My son, who is the center of my world, is going through this phase of not wanting to go to bed. It's a common thing about 3.5 year olds, but it's pretty maddening. Just. Go. To. Sleep.

12. A month into my new job and I like it a lot. It's busy for sure, but it's better than being bored. After feeling like my career stalled a bit, it's a nice change of pace.