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12 things: Final thoughts

When I posted my dailymile workout for Saturday's Richmond Marathon (my "recap" is here), I said I'd let hindsight tell the story about the race. I'm pretty sure, though, that I'll never have a story for how things unfolded. So for this month's 12 things, I thought it would be good to recap parts of the race and weekend with a list. I'm not going to dwell on the race too much, so this is sort of my way to put closure on that day.

1. Before the race, I mentioned how great the support is in this race. The words of encouragement after 16 miles or so really kept me going. I can't even begin to explain how close I was to a DNF when it was convenient to do so before mile 19.

2. I kept quiet last week about fighting off a cold. I never felt sick, but by Friday I started losing my voice. I'm sure the distraction of that didn't help things last week, but it's certainly not what made things completely fall apart.

3. This weekend was great for Scott and I to meet several #RunChat supporters and others who came down from New York.

#RunChat, Richmond Marathon, #runRichmond

#RunChat, Richmond Marathon, #teamRichmond

4. I'll probably never look at my mile splits.

5. The downhill finish that Richmond is known for is now even more downhill. It's my only complaint about the course. It is not kind on the legs after 26 miles.

6. I saw my friend Jeremy just after 25 miles. He ran a quarter mile or so with me, and it was then that I just started spitting out words and finding myself happy with finishing marathon No. 4. Thank you, Jeremy.

Richmond Marathon weekend7. It was great to see my sister Heather beaming after her first half marathon. She loved it so much she signed up for the Shamrock Half in March.

8. I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to take part in the Richmond Marathon weekend next year ... in the half marathon.

9. Thanks to the guys handing out beer around mile 23. And to the lady from Curves handing out lemonade around mile 25.

10. The bag checkout was really bad. It was uphill, nearly two blocks from the finish, complete with a line that I heard was a 45-minute wait. I ended up waiting to get my bag until after hanging out on Browns Island for a couple of hours. I am confident Sportsbackers will handle that situation differently next year.

11. Whether it was something in training that led to my performance or if it just happened to be a really bad day, I'm not setting a time goal for a race so far ahead of time again.

12. As I stated in my race post, I'm a marathoner for the 4th time. I can dig for clues about what went wrong and I'll probably never figure it out. I've already spent enough time talking and thinking about the Richmond Marathon, so it's time to move along. As soon as my quads let me.

Richmond Marathon medal