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12 things: half marathons

12 things: half marathonsAfter last month's PR in the Shamrock Half Marathon, I was prepared to rank the 12 half marathons I have done since 2006. After attempting to make that list a few times, I thought that it was a bit unfair to let hindsight tell this ranking. Each are different and special in their own way. I didn't want to let half marathon No. 13 to come and go without a look at my 12 half marathons though. So here are the 12 half marathons I've done in order of my finish time.

If you care to read the race reports, click on the race name (the first two -- Lynchburg in 2006 and Shamrock in 2007 were in my pre-blogging days). There is so much more behind each one than a finishing time.

1:40:48, March 2012 – Shamrock Half 1:42:52, March 2010 – Shamrock Half 1:44:23, March 2007 – Shamrock Half 1:46:53, August 2007 – Lynchburg Half 1:49:07, March 2008 – Shamrock Half 1:49:30, March 2009 – Shamrock Half 1:51:31, August 2011 – Lynchburg Half Marathon 1:55:28, August 2006 – Lynchburg Half Marathon 1:55:38, August 2010 – Lynchburg Half Marathon 1:57:39, April 2010 – Blue Ridge Half 1:59:19, September 2009 – Rock 'n' Roll (Virginia Beach) 2:06:16, August 2008 – Rock 'n' Roll (Virginia Beach)