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12 things: Late again!

1. Here's a guarantee: I will not do "13 things" posts next year. This is the second time this year that I completely forgot about my "12 things" series. Dave Matthews Band - Away from the World2. The new Dave Matthews Band album comes out in two weeks. It's the first album that I've pre-ordered as a digital download. No CD for me for a change.

3. Check out my interview with Bart Yasso of Runner's World.

4. I'm considering running the Virginia 10 Miler.

5.I haven't had a soft drink since the first Sunday in July.

6. I'll recap August tomorrow, but when it comes to mileage I am pleasantly happy with how this month has gone.

7. I know I already mentioned the Dave Matthews Band, but check out their new video. Very cool in that not only is it new material from DMB, it's also great use of user-generated content.

8. I started using Spotify recently. It's amazingly better than Pandora.

9. I had the first pick in my fantasy NFL draft this week. Arian Foster was the easy choice. I also took a slight risk in taking Andrew Luck after seeing him surprising still available late.

10. I opened two Magic Hats the other day the other day -- one for me, one for my wife -- and this happened:

Magic Hat same cap

11. I'm thinking about doing a photo-a-day thing in 2013.

12. We have ZERO "professional" family photos. Why do that when you can do this for free?