12 things: Other concerts

Bryan Adams It's well documented how big of a Dave Matthews Band fan I am, but my live music experience expands well beyond that. Thanks to some connections in college, I saw many country artists for free in the late 1990s; I also got to see a variety of artists by going to the Lilith Fair in 1998 and Farm Aid in 1999.

Here's a sampling of artists and bands I've seen live. I hate to limit it to 12, but this is, afterall, called "12 things."

1. Barenaked Ladies 2. Vince Gill 3. Ben Folds 4. Brooks & Dunn 5. Bush 6. Bryan Adams 7. Alabama 8. Norah Jones 9. Willie Nelson 10. Bela Fleck and The Flecktones 11. Billy Ray Cyrus 12. Garth Brooks