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12 things [the late edition]

With making the move back to the Richmond area, and my first day of working being on June 12, I completely forgot about my 2012 monthly "12 things" post. I usually write these in advance and I usually have a ton of topic ideas going on ... but let's just say none of that happened this month.

I'm not going to just ignore my "12 things" post this month though. Here it is, 17 days late. I'll keep with my moving theme I've been writing about lately ...

1. I'm really going to miss seeing the mountains every day.

2. Speaking of mountains, we did a lot of family picnics near the Peaks of Otter. Not that they'll go away -- in fact we'll probably still go up there on many of my visits to Bedford -- but I'll miss the ease of just randomly doing that.

3. My commute to work is now half of what it was before in time, and more than half in terms of mileage.

4. I already love the new neighborhoods to run in. While I have a couple of busy streets I have to cross, I have several route options to keep things mixed up.

5. Since I've been back and forth to Richmond twice, people have asked me when I'll move back to the Roanoke/Lynchburg area. I can't do another move in another couple of years. But I've said that before. I'm extremely satisfied with the first few weeks of my job, and I haven't been able to say that in more than 10 years when I first started my career.

6. I never got into details about my housing situation when I left Richmond, nor do I need to, but I'm excited about house-shopping again. I just have to be patient, though, and make sure this is the right thing.

7. While I'll miss the mountains (see No. 2), I like the proximity to Virginia Beach. I really need to go there for a weekend soon.

8. One great thing about living in Richmond is easy access to parts of the Richmond Marathon course. When I lived here 5 years ago, that was appealing, but I never ran any of the course.

9. It's nice to go on Twitter and see people using #rva to talk about things in Richmond. The social media scene was dead in Roanoke/Lynchburg, which never made sense to me.

10. There's a great restaurant in Bedford called Clam Diggers. I think I ate there 3 times in the few years I was living there, which is about as many times as I ate there before I moved. Weird how things like that happen. I'm sure I'll still eat there once a year.

11. My apartment is within walking distance to a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place called Red Apple. That could get ugly this summer.

12. My dog Duke has really struggled with the move. Not having the family together all the time is stressing him out I think. He's almost 7 years old and I really hate to put him through another move. Just a few more weeks Duke and everything will be like it always was.