12 things: Top Dave Matthews Band songs

Dave Matthews Band I've been working on this post for a while, but it wasn't until I bought my idea book recently that I put the wheels into motion of making it reality.

Everyone who really knows me, knows that I'm a huge Dave Matthews Band fan. I still remember the day I went to a mall and listened to the first minute of the "Under the Table and Dreaming" CD. Then I learned they were from Charlottesville.

Now, 17 years or so later, I'm still a fan. I've been to about 20 DMB concerts, traveling the East Coast to Madison Square Garden, Hershey, Veterans Stadium, Nissan Pavilion in Northern Virginia, Greensboro, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, and probably a few other places I'm missing.

The list of the top songs is a long-standing debate among DMB fans; personally I don't care what other people think. On any given day, just about any song can be my favorite. Last year when I did my "11 things" series I wanted to do my favorite DMB songs, but the list never came together.

But then pen on paper solved my problem. Was it easy? Absolutely not. This list could be different tomorrow or next month, but this is where it stands today.

Dave Matthews Band list in progress

12. Dancing Nancies

11. Best of What's Around

10. Why I Am

9. Drive In, Drive Out

8. Grey Street

7. Rhyme & Reason

6. Don't Drink the Water

5. You Never Know

4. Warehouse

3. #41

2. Pig

1. The Stone

As a side note, this list consists of only "official" recordings. Live releases and Lillywhite Sessions were not considered, nor do I think they would have made this list.