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13.1 miles of lessons

Blue Ridge Half Marathon finish

Up a mountain, down a mountain. Dead legs after that. 1:59:18. Still good enough for the top third of all males.

I don't have it in me for any other details for today's Blue Ridge Half Marathon. I feel defeated, yet very proud of the accomplishment of finishing the hardest road marathon I've ever done.

Instead, I'm focused on the lessons I learned today as I barely eclipsed 2 hours on this grueling course. Here are a few:

  • The overly broad "just finish" and "have fun" goals are not for me. I certainly had fun out there today enjoying the awesome mountain views early on and running along side some friends on Twitter a few times, but I needed something to keep me focused.
  • While this was a solid training run, it was not a good race at all. If I ever want to "race" this course, I have to train for it with more specific mountain and higher elevation runs.
  • I need a checklist for where to apply BodyGlide. I had my first-ever bloody nipple today, which fortunately wasn't bad and wasn't obvious. I realized halfway through the race that I had forgotten that area of my body this morning, which is odd because it's usually the first place I hit.

I actually have a lot more to say about this race and the past couple of days as this weekend became an awesome social event meeting some longtime Twitter #runchat and dailymile friends. I'll give them all a shout-out in a separate post next week.

For now though, I'm beat and need a day to gather some thoughts and put my focus on the Cleveland Half Marathon.