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13 goals: February update

gym weightsThese four weeks of February have zoomed by with the fewest updates in a month on my blog since it all got started 6 years ago. This month has been a good month though. I've dusted off the cobwebs left by the flu and early winter to get in some great speed workouts, I ran more than 80 miles and had a big increase in cross training.

I got in nearly an hour and a half on the exercise bike at my apartment's gym, as well as lifting weights 6 days. This last day of the month also featured my first road bike ride of 2013, part of my first brick workout in more than 3 years.

I definitely want to do more, but I've taken the important step to making cross training routine.

Now onto an update of my 13 goals for 2013:

1. 5k PR – official or unofficial I won't focus on this until late spring early/early summer.

2. Run at least 2 races I’ve never done before One down with Disney, something else probably to come this summer. Nothing new on my schedule for now.

3. Run a 5k – official or unofficial – with my friend Brandon Maybe I should publish his phone number so you can text him and remind him of this. I'm sure he'd love that.

4. 50 consecutive push-ups I did a max test of 24. Not much improvement from January, but with a focus on other cross training this month, I didn't include many push-ups. I'm planning to kick off March with a test.

5. Ride at least 200 miles See the intro.

6. Weigh in at less than 180 Small progress. Like a few tenths of a pound progress. No excuses for this,but I am eating better. I just have to stop eating bad, too.

7. Do a plank at least once a week Right on target.

8. Run a race without a watch As I mentioned last month, this is pretty much done, although Disney was not something I "raced." I've considered this for Shamrock, but I don't know if I'm ready for that.

9. Run with my sister Heather Plans are under way for one of the craziest things ever for us in April. I can't reveal the secret yet.

10. Do an exercise at least once per month that I haven’t done the rest of the year Hitting the bike today was certainly something I didn't do in January, but I also want to point out that I did leg presses at the gym a couple of times.

11. Eat at least one salad per week Easily on track for this.

12. Limit myself to one soft drink a month February's soft drink day came on Super Bowl Sunday. No urge for any since then.

13. Run ON the beach Whether this is Shamrock weekend or this summer, I'm really looking forward to this one.