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13 goals: March update

Mosquito Lake, Ohio This month and 1st quarter of 2013 have been all about setting myself up for a better rest of the year. So far, so good.

My current state of running and overall fitness is good. There's always an element of "it could be better," but if I was in a full state of content then I wouldn't be pushing myself. I like where things are, and I like where things are heading.

Here's how things went in March for my 13 goals for 2013:

1. 5k PR – official or unofficial I believe that with my current speedwork that I should be in a good place to go for this mid-summer.

2. Run at least 2 races I’ve never done before One down with Disney, more to come.

3. Run a 5k – official or unofficial – with my friend Brandon We're working on that.

4. 50 consecutive push-ups While this wasn't a big focus in March, I did increase my max to 28.

5. Ride at least 200 miles 10 miles this month in between some bad weather. I'm at 14 for the year.

6. Weigh in at less than 180 I stepped on the scale early in the month, but nothing recently. I know there's no progress here, but I'm feeling good about what I can do in the next few months.

7. Do a plank at least once a week Right on target.

8. Run a race without a watch As I've mentioned, this is pretty much done, although Disney was not something I "raced." I'll be doing the Monument Avenue 10k next month with my sister and will probably leave the watch at home.

9. Run with my sister Heather See No. 8.

10. Do an exercise at least once per month that I haven’t done the rest of the year Bosu ball push-ups. Tough stuff. Much different than normal push-ups, but they've helped overall with my bigger push-ups goal.

11. Eat at least one salad per week Easily on track for this.

12. Limit myself to one soft drink a month March 13 ... I'm not sure why, but it was just one of those days in which I needed a pick-up. I'll probably have my next one tomorrow as I travel from Ohio to Virginia.

13. Run ON the beach Shamrock weekend was way too cold and messy to do this. I'll figure out a better time soon.