living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


Even though I've hit double digits in two of the past three weeks for my long runs, there's something special about the teens. I've often been told if you can do a half marathon, you can do a full. While tomorrow's Lynchburg Half Marathon is being treated as a training run and not a race (yes, I keep telling myself that), I'll be hitting that mark of "longest run ever."

Doing a half marathon now at a slightly faster than usual pace feels right as I transition into distances I've never done before. And it'll keep my confidence boosted as I change cities. This could very well be my last long run in Lynchburg, Va., unless I do the 10 miler in future years. So this run will be a farewell of sorts to the Blackwater Creek Bikepath. Although I don't run on it much, I'll miss it ... but I know Richmond is going to have so much more to offer.

Here's to wishing myself luck in my non-race half marathon. And I'll continue to swear I'm not shooting for a PR.