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13.1 ... the next day

When I went to bed last night, I thought I would wake up and have that usual race pain. But I didn't. While I was a bit sore, I could walk normally and nothing unusual hurt. My knees, which I am most concerned with, were fine. I originally had planned to take an easy 2 or 3 mile jog, but instead went for a nice long walk with my wife and dog. By the end of the walk, whatever soreness I had was gone. By not running today, I once again fell just short of 30 miles for the week, but yesterday's run makes me feel great about where things stand right now.

Next week will be a bit complicated as my move to Richmond gains speed and the following week my new job begins. Things personally are going well and by mid-September I will be living in a great neighborhood to run in, with easy access to more neighborhoods and a great park. Moving will offer some good cross training, but what's important is to make sure I still find time to run and avoid eating badly. It's already been hard with people wanting to go out to lunch or dinner every day before we leave town, but I'm doing OK. I manage to avoid french fries no matter what.