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14 miles, and in need of a change of tunes

I have mixed feelings about being in that "longest run ever" portion of my marathon training, at least when the weather is like it is. My 14-mile run today was OK ... this heat and humidity on the other hand are tough to deal with. I ran on the shaded, relatively flat Blackwater Creek Trail today, mixing in two miles on two different hilly extensions of it. The first 10 miles were the best; the next three I could feel the heat of the morning kicking in; and the last mile felt nearly worthless, but I was also going beyond anything what my body had ever done before, with a nice layer of humidity on top.

I learned some good lessons today - it's nice to have a route that includes good spots for a pee break; I need to take an energy gel with me; 7 a.m. for a long run is about an hour too late when the heat and humidity are this high; and it's time to reshuffle my iPod shuffle.

It was nice to cross that half marathon barrier despite the weather. Today's run helps put the Richmond Marathon into better perspective and what it may be like. I know there's a long way to go and many more longer runs than 14 miles, but mentally this helps me see the challenges ahead of me. From here on out, it's all about taking my body to places it's never been before, and my mind needs to tag along for the journey.