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20 miles, Polish sausage and hills

As I approached my second 20-miler of Baltimore Marathon training this week, I've been doing some reflecting on the past few months, and even years, but I'm also staying focused on the final weeks of training. I've been continuously paranoid about a re-injury occurring, but at the same I've been extremely excited about my progress. I've made a promise to myself to stay quiet about a lot of things, so don't expect many deep thoughts from me through my taper. Yes I'll still post blogs, but I have a feeling there will be some more randomness to things.

So what about that 20-miler?

It was pretty good. I hit the middle miles a little too hard and the humidity got to me more than I was expecting. Overall, though, it was a good run -- 2 minutes faster than a couple of weeks ago, no major pains and no crazy animal sightings for once. And with Bedford's Centerfest setting up, I got to see things like this:

Centerfest, Bedford, running

Yesterday's run also included a road to one of the highest points in Bedford, as you can see below in the spike around mile 7. The hill didn't seem all that big at the time, but thinking back is was definitely pretty big. Comparing this 20-miler to two weeks ago, yesterday's had 100 more feet of elevation gain.