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2011: A record year

Last night I passed last year's running miles and now stand at more than 1,012 for the year. In just a few days I'll pass my consecutive running days streak -- Saturday will be the record-setting day. It's a fitting way to end the year full of personal records. Here's a look:

  • running, 2011It started in April with a 3-second PR in the 10k at the Monument Avenue 10k in Richmond. You may recall this was my No. 1 racing moment of the year in my post the other day.
  • In July I had one goal -- a PR in the Stars and Stripes 5k in Howland, Ohio. Mission accomplished by 31 seconds.
  • A few weeks later, I dug deep and found a PR in the Percival's Island 5 Miler, the fourth time I've done that race. I knocked 12 seconds off my PR from 2007.
  • It wasn't a personal record in the distance, but I did set a course record by more than 4 minutes on the "new" course of the Lynchburg Half Marathon in August.
  • A week after that I set a new bar in the 5k in the Fab 5k, knocking off another 18 seconds off my PR.
  • Perhaps the biggest PR came in the Baltimore Marathon. I never really talked about how much improvement I made in that distance, but my 3:56:17 finish was more than 16 minutes better than my first attempt at that distance in 2007.
  • The final record of the year came with a course record a few weeks ago in the Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic┬áin which I knocked off more than a minute and a half of my time from 2009.