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2013: It went exactly as planned

The re-streak didn't last long. It was kind of like a lot of things that happened this year -- it didn't make any sense. I was forcing something that seemed fun -- and was for a short time -- but wasn't satisfying. As I look back on the year and think about some missed goals along the way, it turns out that this year went exactly as planned. This year was always going to be running a little bit less and putting my focus elsewhere, and that's exactly what happened.

And as the end of the calendar year draws to a close, I'm surprisingly content with where things stand heading into my 10th year of running. I'm much more relaxed and casual about the goals I'll set over the next few days, and I have this year to thank for that.

You won't see a year in review from me this year and any type of top moments -- the special things already have their mark on this site and I want to keep them in their place.

It's time to look forward, set goals and make 2014 the best yet!