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Three Things Thursday: October goals

A day after I wrote about my somewhat successful September, I was ready to write down my goals for October. I vowed to set realistic goals.

Then my sons both got sick, and my realistic goals were made even more realistic as I knew that life was going to immediately going to impact running. Then I didn't feel so well either, which led me to taking a few Halls and getting some wrapper inspiration.

I want to end the year on a high note with a strong third quarter, but I'm keeping things tame as we creep into fall. My goals this month are simple and achievable, but challenging enough to keep me focused and do bigger things in November. 

1. Increase my long run to 8 miles. I was initially going to put 10 miles, but I am running the Wicked 10K at the end of the month in Virginia Beach. 8 is more realistic without over-doing it. It's also only a little more than a mile off my current "long" run distance. 

This summer I focused on my long runs being an hour or 6 miles -- whichever felt right. It's a good time and distance to not let myself get completely off track, and long enough that increasing my distance wouldn't be a big deal. 

2. Run at least 1 mile in 7:30. I'm pulling this number out of nowhere. I've run miles faster than that this year, but I've done very little in the way of speedwork since the end of July. This will force me to do some speedwork as running "fast" by myself is never an easy task. 

3. Cross train twice a week. This doesn't mean it has to be a full-on crossing training workout, but doing something (planks or push-ups or jumping jacks ... anything for a few minutes) other than running. A sore shoulder that I dealt with this summer has stopped bothering me, so I'm out of excuses.