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What's old is new again

20 Sundays. That's what stands between me and the finish line of my next marathon, the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. 

I feel nervous and anxious, kind of like waiting for Santa as a kid. I feel out of shape, wondering why I made this commitment, just like I did more than 7 years ago when I first signed up for a marathon. I feel excited and rejuvenated, something that's been missing for nearly 2 years. 

Signing up for a marathon is one of the hardest parts of this process. This is the first of all the marathons that I've done that I don't have a large window of time before training begins. There's very little time to think about training ... it just starts. 

Before all that "officially" begins in November, though, I have to end a few things. I have to eat better; I have to sleep better; I have to plan better. 

Today that starts with 5 commitments that I have to make for this to be a healthy and happy training cycle. Each work day this week I am making a promise to stop something unhealthy I'm doing, whether I see it as a bad habit or not. 

That starts with my final soda until at least post-race in March. I don't drink a lot of soda, but I drink enough that I get a mid-afternoon craving for it at work and take something out of the fridge if it's there. That stops. 

I'm making some interesting choices this week that I'll write about each day, and will remind myself constantly about them over the next 5 months. If I write it down, it usually happens; if I don't I just get caught up in endless circles of bad choices. 

Now about the marathon ... Who's idea was this again to train for a race over the holidays and winter?? ;)