Shutting down at 10 p.m.

This decision-making on giving up certain foods until I run my next marathon is much harder than usual knowing that this overlaps with the holidays. It’s the perfect time to chow down on sweets and other bad food and say I’ll start over on Jan. 1. I’ve essentially moved my “new year” up a couple of months and it’s not going to be easy.

Days 1 and 2 without a soft drink have been easy. In fact, that will be really easy except for New Year's Eve when I have to give up my annual Coke and Maker's Mark. I’ve given them up for months at a time before though. Whenever I make the decision to have a drink next spring or summer, I hope that I’ve learned enough lessons to once again drink them very rarely, not several times a week.

Chips … on my goodness. We have so many chips in my office right now …

I wanted to dig in, but I didn't ...

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A snack with peanuts and craisins helped fight off the craving. It's a big victory before my training for Shamrock officially gets underway.

Day 3 of making a new commitment gets even tougher, and it actually has nothing to do with nutrition. I’ve made comments before that I need to get better sleep. Part of that is shutting down my brain from my computer and phone. Today I make this commitment to put my phone down and/or turn off my computer by 10 p.m. at least 5 days out of the week.

One last check of email or Facebook or Twitter is not important. I know that. And I know that it keeps my brain wired well beyond when it should.

It’s a small step to getting better sleep and getting to bed earlier. I’ll make an firmer commitment to an earlier bedtime soon too, but this is step 1.