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That's a wrap!

Yesterday marked one more change for the next several months, and it may have been a more difficult decision than giving up potato chips

This past week as Halloween approached, I realized how much I was eating little pieces of candy around the office. All those delicious pieces of candy were all over the place, begging to be eaten. 

When I started this quest earlier this week of giving something up every day for 5 days, I immediately decided to save the best for last ... 

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Wrapped candy. It's as simple as that. No wrapped candy during this marathon training cycle. Day 1 today has been easy after one final binge yesterday.

And while I'm on the subject of wrapping things up, October was a strange running month. Some struggles continued, I didn't feel great for a few days, but I hit all of my goals for the month. They're not worthing going into great detail, but it does make me feel a lot better about these final two months of the year and planning for the 2015 Shamrock Marathon ...