living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

Three Things Thursday

1. I love the cold weather. Perhaps it’s going to be a little cold for November for many parts of the country this week, but now is the time to get out and run it. Shelter yourself now, winter will only feel worse.
2. Since I live in Richmond, its seems natural I would be running one of the races this weekend, but I’m not. Two years ago left a bad taste in my mouth with the marathon distance; four years ago I ran it hurt; last year was pretty awesome as I ran the half to help my sister PR.

I just don’t have a desire this year to hit the streets with thousands of strangers. While I love racing and this awesome community I’m a part of, I still need long-run Saturdays completely to myself.
3. Last week’s commitments are still going well. The only thing I’m struggling with a little bit is putting my phone and computer down at 10. I’m much better about it, but it’s a struggle. The food part of my changes, though, have left me continuing to feel great this week.