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The power of 10

This week I fell a couple of miles short of my goal. After 2 weeks of a flawless start to Shamrock Marathon training, I hated coming up a little short. It happened during the week because I was short on time a couple of times. 

When I got to the weekend, I debated on running my goal of 10 miles. Was I ready for 10 miles? Is it too soon? 

Before I headed out I prepared myself to run by feel -- if I felt good, go for it; if not, I'll stop at 8 miles (last week's long run distance) and adjust my plans for the next couple of weeks. 

Yesterday's perfect cold weather was just what I needed: I slowed down; I actually slept in about 30 minutes longer than I usually would; I put on some tunes that would help me stay settled down; and I did it. 

10 miles. First time in 7 months hitting double digits. I felt amazing. I could have run a few more by doing all the right things. 

I'm not happy about falling a little short on my overall miles, but my readjustment to run by feel and not by what the plan said led to a really nice run. It could very well be my most enjoyable run of the year.  

I'd also like to give credit to this song for giving a little boost ... 

Now it's on to another interesting week -- a turkey trot (technically a Drumstick Dash) on Thursday and a family hike in the mountains planned for Friday. I've actually left this week somewhat open on my calendar to not increase my long run, so we'll see how I feel when the weekend rolls around.