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Three Things Thursday: Drumstick Dash lessons

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. It's been a great one, except for my race performance. I kicked off the day with one of my worst 5Ks ever at the Drumstick Dash in Roanoke, Virginia. After the race, I had a tweet that summed things up well ... 

I came away with a disappointing 26 minutes and change. It was my 4th worst 5K ever. No matter what my approach, that's inexcusable for me, and I'm done with this casualness that I've developed with races this year. I've slipped into this mind-frame before and it never produces anything good. 

Today was motivating, though. I now know that ...

1) ... I really need to work on speed work.

2) ... I need to lose weight to be more comfortable in short a race. 

3) ... I want to race more. 

The biggest highlight for me was running about 3/4 of a mile with my wife as she ran just her second 5K ever. She'll also be running the Surf-n-Santa 5K miler in just a few short weeks!