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Farewell 2014; Hello 2015

Despite ending a really long PR-less streak (4 mile and 8K), this year with running hasn't been that great. However, December has been so good, I really don't care about what happened in the previous 11 months. But, and a big but at that, if I don't do some kind of reflecting, I'll never learn valuable lessons. 

Instead of rehashing my year, I want to take a look at the goals I set for myself a year ago and see how things played out: 

1. Finish what I start. 
I had some bad races (starting too fast, not training well for Shamrock, etc.) and a really bad fall, but closing off the year with 100+ miles in a month for the first time since fall 2013 leaves me feeling like I'm finally finish what I start. This goal had nothing to measure for success, and I won't make that mistake for 2015 goals. 

2. Logging mileage on paper. 
Removing myself from putting all my miles and workouts online was the best thing I've done in a long time. I have no desire to track through a social media service anymore, but I will shout-out my runs more in the coming year. 

3. Run 1,000 miles. 
I was so motivated mid-year to get this done. I don't know what happened between August and October to not log more miles, but I fell flat on my face with this goal. I was 70 miles short, which averages out to less than 6 miles per month, which sounds about right. A missed run here and there adds up quickly. I have failed at this goal in the past, but bounced right back. That has to happen again in 2015. 

Disappointed in my overall mileage for the year, but thrilled with how I finished it. #runchat

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As for next year's goals, I've become a really big believer in the power of 3 and a varying degree of difficulty for each. One "easy," one "challenging" and one really pushing it. 

For me, those are: 

1. Run 3 new races. 
I set a similar goal two years ago and really liked doing that. It's easy enough to do and it keeps things fresh. 

2. Run 1,000 miles.
Marathon training early in the year should help with this and keep me on track on year. Quadruple digits is really tough though, and I feel more ready for that in the coming 12 months than I did this year. 

3. Run a 3:45 marathon. 
Now that I'm excited about the marathon distance again, I'm ready to tackle this goal after not thinking about it for more than 2 years. 

I'd also like to get back to regular blogging in the coming year -- I've completely missed writing about how well things have gone this month, including a nice Surf-n-Santa 5 Miler and getting my long runs to 12 miles -- but that's not something I want to force just yet. Writing more, when I have the time to, has to come naturally. 

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy start to 2015!