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I need a backup for my backup

A few weeks ago, I had in mind that July 26 would be the day my 5K PR went down after falling short on July 4. That didn't quite happen as I've had a pretty mediocre three weeks of running, much of that due to a shoulder (technically bicep) injury that's impacted everything I do. 

I'm not sure what exactly caused my shoulder issues, but it had been bugging me for a while. I finally went to my chiropractor at the beginning of last week to discover it was my bicep that's strained. I kind of kicked myself for not going sooner thinking that time would magically heal me. 

It's not that I haven't been running -- I've just held off on longer runs as I do some work on my shoulder. I've also missed out on quality runs as I haven't felt like pushing myself because of the shoulder and, inexcusably, because of the heat and humidity. 

I pretty much decided a week or so that I wasn't going to do Saturday's race, the Pony Pasture 5K by the James River. If it's not going to be a PR effort when that's my big goal right now, what's the point? Then I thought about what that would sound like if I actually gave that advice to someone else. 

Kinda silly, really. 

On Friday evening I texted my friend Josh to see if he wanted to do a day-of sign-up for the race. For $15, that's pretty reasonable to run with a few hundred people, get enough post-race food to be a good breakfast and still get a T-shirt if there were extras ... so we went. 

I ran the race about like I thought I would ... started a bit fast, had a great pace not quite at PR pace, then backed down at the end because, quite simply, I can't hold a fast pace right now. There's nothing to sugar coat there. 

I came home in 22:58 on a nice out-and-back flat course I'm not overly excited about being slower than on July 4 and still more than a minute off my PR, but I am happy that in what's become a pretty bad summer of running that I can run a sub 23-minute 5K.

On another positive note, I was 5 seconds faster on this course from 2 years ago. 

This week I'm planning to sit down and come up with a tentative plan for the final 1/3 of the year to get me back to better running, solid goals, weight loss and more. 

I'm not happy with my state of running, but I'm also not overly frustrated. I just need to focus.