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4 PRs for the 4 miler

After 10 years of racing, I thought I was done with interesting patterns. This week, though, I realized a unique possible occurrence in a rare evening race -- a PR every time I've raced 4 miles. 

It's not anything crazy though -- my very first race was 4 miles in 2004 when I ran the Virginia 4 Miler in Lynchburg in 34 minutes flat. A year later I knocked 13 seconds off that time in the same event. 

Then came a 3-year gap before I raced the Moonlight 4 Miler in Richmond, knocking off 58 seconds off my PR in my first-ever evening race

Fast forward 2,187 days and I finally raced another 4-mile event -- again the Moonlight 4 Miler, but on a much different course. 

When I signed up earlier this week I knew this should be a PR. Even though I'm not in the racing shape I'd like to be in, surely I could go out and break an 8-minute mile pace and keep this 4-miler PR streak alive. 

Thursday evening turned out to be a great night for racing with cooler than average temperatures. I ran an evenly paced race and brought home a PR in 31:27, a full 1:22 faster than 6 years ago.

Similar to my feelings in May with getting a new 8K PR, I'm not getting myself too excited about this performance as I'm way off other regular-raced PRs. It is nice, though, to dust off old records and do different events as I ponder "what's next?" for bigger goals.