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September's somewhat successes

Another month in what was a very quick year is just about over. After my second son was born last September, my life has been a blur. Work, home, eat, run, very few nights of uninterrupted sleep. 

It's that lack of sleep that makes everything seem so crazy at times. It's also why I'm not all that stressed out about other goals I've set for running. My focus has been on other more important things in life. I have to keep setting running goals so I don't lose complete focus, but I also need to figure out what's realistic. 

A few weeks ago I set what I thought were 3 reasonable goals for the months: cut out sweets (pretty good, except for my son's birthday party), run 90 miles (ugh, not quite) and sign up for J&A races (done with the Wicked 10K and the Surf-n-Santa 5 Miler). 

It's the 90-mile goal that I didn't hit that leaves me wanting more; I just need better and more sleep to get to that kind of mileage again. I was getting really close to it earlier this year for a few months, but the second half of summer left a lot to be desired. 

A few missed runs is the difference between mileage in the mid-70s and about 90 miles; it's the difference in taking my confidence to another level; it's the difference in me actually getting back to a state of being happy with running. 

As October approaches, I realize that I need to set realistic goals that I will use as a springboard to November and December.

My focus on overall mileage, such as 90 miles this month and 1,000 miles for the year, is not working. I have no problem moving back to smaller goals, such as increasing my long run and getting back to speedwork once a week, in October.