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100 races and counting

This weekend at the Runner's World Festival presented by Altra, there were several mentions of how many races everyone has done and what number half marathon this would be for people. As a numbers junkie, I used to be all over that. I always knew which race number I was on, or least somewhere close. 

My answer this weekend was ... "I really need to go back and figure that out." I took my race times off my blog about two years ago. In a separate file, I hadn't updated my race times since really early 2014. Another file of race times by year hadn't been updated since the Disney Marathon in early 2013. 

This week I have checked, double checked and triple checked my race count. (Thanks to Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders for really pushing this thought into a blog post.) Strangely enough, this weekend marked race Nos. 97, 98, 99 and 100. I knew I had to be close to 100, but I never imaged that I would hit the number without knowing ahead of time. 

Despite the lack of celebrating this number, now is a perfect time to look back at all these races and have some "by the numbers" fun in percentages ...

1% in Maryland
1% in Florida
6% at the Runner's World Festival in Pennsylvania
6% in Ohio
86% in Virginia

3% 1 miler
2% 2 miler
1% 3.8 miler
30% 5K
5% 4 miler
4% 8K
6% 5 miler
14% 10K
4% 10 miler
25% Half Marathon
1% 30K
5% Marathon

2% mix of road and trail
9% trail
89% road

My first 10K, the Christmas Classic in my hometown of Bedford, Virginia.

My first half marathon in summer 2006 in Lynchburg, Virginia.  This was actually meant to be an easy training run for the Virginia Ten Miler, which is below. 

My first 10 miler in September 2006. I was actually injured, but still finished in 1:22.

After my first marathon -- the Richmond Marathon -- in November 2007.

My first meeting with the great Bart Yasso in early spring 2011. I was coming off an injury and had given up on long distances. About 10 minutes after meeting Bart, I signed up for the Baltimore Marathon, which is in the photo below.