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3 things for November

I started the year off so well setting 3 goals a month, which followed having 3 bigger goals for the year. I called it the "Power of 3" ... it was a great idea, but it was something I executed extremely poorly. It's certainly one of the worst New Year's resolutions I've ever done. 

Instead of marking it down as a complete failure, I want to try again for the last two months of the year. Instead of worrying about labeling it (I do really like "Power of 3" though), I'm going to call it "3 things" this month. Maybe next month it'll be something different; maybe I'll renew the "Power of 3" in 2016. For now, this is all about helping my state of running with no other distractions added. 

1. Stay on track with my Make a Pledge to Myself Week goals
I'm starting the week thinking about how I not only cross off each item, but also how to improve on each item. That alone should make this month a good one. 

2. Sign up for a race
I can't wait until March 2016 to race again, so I need to sign up for something. In this really "off" year of running and racing, I think doing a few races over the next few months will get me even more prepared for Shamrock. 

3. Lose 2 pounds
I would say more, but I also want to be simple. A couple of pounds isn't all that much, but it's realistic for this time of the year. 

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
— Henry David Thoreau