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Shamrock thoughts: 7:37, the second half, and much more

It seems a little weird to enter a half marathon training cycle with 3 months before a race, but I actually don't remember the last time I felt like I was in training mode. Last winter I know I flipped a mental switch and had a decent training, but because race day was so bad, I pushed aside anything that happened prior to that Shamrock as pretty much useless. 

With a little less than 3 months to go until the Shamrock Half Marathon, I've entered "official" training so that I don't coast through Christmas week. I'm also in the mode of doing a lot of note taking so that I make sure these 3 months are much better documented than the past couple of years. 

A sampling of things on my mind: 
That's the pace per mile that I need to hit to break 1:40. I know that I can already hit that pace and even run faster than that pace for short distances and feel relatively comfortable. I have to work on sustaining that pace and understanding what that pace feels like for multiple miles. 

An old Instagram photo where I plotted out going sub 1:40 at Shamrock. 

An old Instagram photo where I plotted out going sub 1:40 at Shamrock. 

Remember the second half
In many races in the past few years -- especially in Shamrock -- I haven't trained well enough to have a strong second half of a race. Now that I've been able to have some hindsight set it, I wouldn't call it starting too fast and then having nothing left. It's poor training both physically and mentally. 

To help combat this, I think my speedwork will focus on a lot on progressive runs. My first run was just that as I build on each mile and had my final mile almost 2 minutes faster than my first. 

Hills make me stronger
I've always been a big fan of hills, but I've admittedly avoided them quite a bit this year. That's already changed with today's run, and I need to make sure to run the bigger ones near me weekly. 

Jan. 1 is just another day
I've changed my mindset so much in the past two months and done many other things in my life to make changes, so when the calendar flips next months, there won't be anything new introduced to my mindset or physical training.