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A sign from the ground

As I think about putting together a plan for the Shamrock Half Marathon, I came across this yesterday ...

In this warm December there is a lot of new grass growing, trees budding, roses blooming and bugs coming out of hiding. And ... lots of clover (or shamrocks or whatever you call them wherever you live). 

I'll take that as a sign that my Shamrock Half plans need to come together before Christmas. I haven't tried to follow a training plan in a few years. Those who know me know that I have mixed experiences doing this, but I will try to follow one this time around. 

Today I came up with a list of the types of runs I want to include each week: fun/easy, speed, hills and long. I deliberately put the word "fun" in there because once a week I want to make sure I stop and take a few photos of my routes. It will also give me an opportunity to reflect on my training and make adjustments as necessary. 

This is subject to change, but I'm looking at my "fun" day to be Monday, an off or cross training day on Tuesday, speedwork on Wednesday, a healthy dose of hills on Thursday, off on Friday, long run on Saturday, and a really short recovery run on Sunday.

One great thing about my training is that I can start my long runs at 8 miles or so by the end of the month and get in a least a half dozen double digit runs before Shamrock, a tactic that I believe will work well once again. 

Somehow there are only 100 days until the next Shamrock Half -- I'm not quite ready to flip the switch to "official" training mode, but it's coming ... SOON!