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Moving beyond this weird month

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February started with so much promise with a lovely warm weekend. Then Old Man Winter laughed in our faces and brought record cold and a foot of snow from 2 snowstorms. 

That led to me changing my goal for Shamrock, but it didn't stop me from having a great month. While I was still focused on getting to 100 miles for the month, I fell a little short, mainly because of the first snowstorm and extreme cold that followed for several days. 

I still managed 97.5 miles, getting oh-so close to triple digits for the second time in three months. (Edit: when I first posted this, I said since 2013, but I completely forgot I ran 100+ miles in December!) Despite the cold weather, only a couple of those miles were on the treadmill. I probably could have got in a few more indoor miles, but opted to just cut back the mileage instead. 

Heading into March, I have two things on my mind: enjoying the Shamrock experience with no major goal and running more hills. With the Blue Ridge Marathon looming, I have to do more hills. Lots and lots of hills. The mileage will come naturally, so I'm not focused on that this month. 

It's time to keep it simple with a couple of goals, but more intense. Let's roll!