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Prepping for a different Shamrock week

This weekend marks my 8th Shamrock Half Marathon in the past 9 years, but it's the first weekend where I have to break tradition.

Due to a work function, I can't get to Virginia Beach until really late Saturday. It's not ideal, but it's not breaking my eagerness for the race. I don't sleep well before Shamrock anyway, so that will be nothing different. What will be missing is my usual pre-race pizza from Dough Boys and a beer or two in my hotel. I'll also miss this being a larger family affair with my son not doing the kids race.

I'm focused this year on just enjoying myself on the course. Enjoying racing just to be a part of the community. I have done very little speedwork in the past couple of months, but I do have more mileage in the first two months of the year than I have for the past couple of Shamrocks. I've also been doing a lot of hill work in the past few weeks as I try to get solid training for Blue Ridge next month. 

It's one of the first Shamrocks where my goal falls in between making sure it's not my slowest (1:49:32 in 2013) to making sure I don't run so hard that I'm too sore to run for a few days. Or maybe I do just go all out once I'm out on the course. 

The lack of a hardcore goal is so different than last year's goal of a PR in which I had a far worse training cycle, very little sleep for 6 months and probably a couple of extra pounds and then came up well short. Being open-minded is what keeps this race fun for me year in and year out. Maybe a PR will happen. 

It's part of my strategy this year to being a happier runner. Being happy will bring results I haven't seen in a while.

Stayed tuned to see what happens next ...