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Questions; no answers

My tweet above from earlier this week sums up my thoughts about running right now. Ready for some changes. 

I wrote these questions down earlier this week to give myself something to think about: 

1. How important is racing?
2. How important are PRs?
3. What are my ultimate goals for racing? 

I could easily change those questions to: 

1. Why am I racing?
2. Why are PRs important? 
3. Why are my goals what they are? 

No matter how I phrase things, I don't have answers. I don't necessarily want to have answers. I just want to challenge myself that when I'm ready to race again in an "A" race that I approach things differently. 

This -- meaning the past 2 or 3 months -- didn't work for Shamrock on Sunday. I don't know why, nor do I necessarily care anymore, but I do know something has to change soon.