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This was no dream

Disclaimer: Race 13.1 provided me a race entry for the 10K at Richmond International Raceway on Saturday, May 9. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts are my own. 

After 10+ years of racing, I think I'm pretty lucky to have never taken a wrong turn on a course or be confused about where to go. Those are things that have happened only in my weird dreams about running. 

This past Saturday, though, was no dream. Shortly after mile 5 and at a second turnaround point for the 10K of Race 13.1's event in Richmond, there was a ton of confusion. Do I take the path to the left or right? There was neither anyone there to tell us which way to go, nor were there arrows on the nearby sign. There were no markings on the course either at that spot. 

I've seen this happen to so many other runners over the years. I thought for sure that if it ever happened to me that I'd be extremely pissed. I felt ... I don't know. Indifferent. I was mad that the confusion killed any decent momentum that I had. It was supposed to be a race to be a test of where I was physically, but after that I didn't care. 

I ended up taking a right when I think I should have taken a left. I didn't go far, though, and then took the left. I then turned around at the point that looked like the right place to turn around. 

I was nearly a quarter-mile over a 10K on my watch; some people doing the 10K ran an extra mile or so. I don't know if anyone in the half marathon took any wrong turns. 

Despite the confusion on the course, Race 13.1 staff handled things well. A one-time mistake didn't ruin things for me surprisingly. For a relatively new race series, I'm looking forward to more of their races and seeing what happens.